Middle School


Our Secondary I (Middle School) program consists of students aged 12-15, in seventh, eighth, and ninth grades.  Ninth grade students spend their work cycles in both the middle school and high school buildings.

Children in this third plane of development, are in the period Dr. Montessori called the "Rebirth as a Social Being," Although adolescents at this age demonstrate interest in social activities, the social age also exhibits a growing interest in social issues such as poverty, politics, climate change, and a desire for authentic learning experiences that prepare them for adult life.


Middle School students participate in a wide variety of fundraising activities and service projects.  Much of the time the fundraisers are student-led, which allows for a greater learning experience. Fundraising efforts go toward field trip expenses.


"If we really want children to grow into independent and resourceful adults, we should stop pouring their milk as soon as they have learned to pour it themselves and stop fastening their buttons as soon as they can fasten them without help."

- Maria Montessori