Accountablity & Testing

WMPCS is committed to accountability to the State Board of Education, our Board of Trustees, our parents, our community and our students. In accordance with State Legislation Article 14 A WMPCS complies with all reporting requirements.

2023-24 Annual Testing Letter

2022-2023 Annual Testing Letter


WMPCS School Report Cards:

2018-19 (Overall: C/68, Reading: B/74, Math: C/59)

2019-20 not available

2020-21 (For the 2020-21 school year, the U.S. Department of Education and the North Carolina General Assembly (Session Law 2021-130) waived requirements for reporting the school-level accountability model and School Performance Grades)

2021-22 (Overall: C/59, Reading: C/63, Math:  C/55)

2022-23 (Overall: C/59, Reading: C/65, Math: C/58)

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WMPCS Read to Achieve Data:






NC State Charter School Legislation (Full Legislation)


Local Schools Funding Impact

Local Funds Received per School Year 2021-2022
Beaufort County $693,942
Craven County $5,604
Martin County $57,443
Pitt County $139,554
Washington County $10,390