Donate to WMPCS

We are pleased to announce our annual giving campaigns for WMPCS. While we ask our community to support the school in the classrooms, through athletic events and around our campus, it is crucial that we also receive donations to continue to support the vital programs our school offers. This year there are multiple opportunities to show your support of WMPCS; donations can be made unrestricted or through one of our restricted school initiatives.

The initiatives that we currently are running are:

The Arts and Enrichment Activities Fund. This fund supports classroom art supplies and materials, guests on campus such as the Ukrainian Dancers, the Paperhand Puppet program upcoming play, and artist Tim Bertrain, as well as materials for our maker spaces in the Secondary I and II buildings.

Student Outing Scholarship Fund. While supported by the PTO's fundraising activities, the fund is offset by general donations to assist students in financial need and give them the opportunity to participate in the school's outings and end of the year trips. Determination of student financial need is based on Federal guidelines.

General Operating Fund/Annual Fund. With a budget of almost $4 million, WMPCS operates a 36-acre campus with 6 buildings, private pre-school, before and after school program, and an athletic program that are not funded by state or local charter school funds. Donations to our general operating fund pay for buildings, equipment, non-classroom materials and maintenance costs for our beautiful campus. 

If you have a specific request for your donation please let us know and we are happy to restrict the funds as requested. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law and can be made through the office for non-classroom initiatives. WMPCS is pleased to accept cash, check or payments by credit card.

For additional information, please contact Rick at [email protected].