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Second Great Lesson: Timeline of Life
Second Great Lesson

The Second Great Lesson involves the coming of life. This lesson revolves around the Timeline of Life, a long chart with pictures and information about microorganisms, plants, and animals that have lived (or now live) on the earth. The great diversity of life is emphasised, and special care is paid to the “jobs” that each living thing does to contribute to life on earth.

This lesson leads to the study of:

· Biology: cells, organised groups, five kingdoms, specimens, dissection, observation, use of microscope

· Botany: study of plants, classification, functions, parts of plants (seed, fruit, leaf, stem, root, flower), types of plants

· Habitats: location, characteristics, food chains/webs, symbiosis, adaptation, ecosystems, conservation

· Ancient Life: eras of the earth, evolution, extinction, fossil records, excavation

· Animals: classification, needs, similarities/differences, human systems, nutrition, hygiene

· Monera, Protista, and Fungi Kingdoms: what they are, classification, observation..