Senior Spotlights
Senior Spotlights

Maxwell began his journey at WMPCS in the 11th grade, a transfer student from the United Kingdom.  Maxwell quickly made friends and found his footing, both on and off the field.

As a dedicated soccer enthusiast, Maxwell's love for the game was evident. Whether he was tearing up the field as a player for the Varsity Eagles and PGSA Soccer Club or imparting his knowledge as the assistant coach for the 2024 Middle School soccer team, Maxwell lived and breathed soccer.

But Maxwell's commitment to the sport didn't stop there. For the past two years, he had donned the badge of a licensed NC Soccer Official, presiding over matches in the Beaufort and Pitt County recreational leagues. It was a role that not only deepened his understanding of the game but also fostered his love for its intricacies.

Maxwell's journey took an international twist when he embarked on a soccer camp adventure in Spain. Immersed in the passion and fervor of Spanish football, he rubbed shoulders with professional players, soaking in their wisdom and skill. Yet, it wasn't just about the game; it was about embracing the rich tapestry of Spanish culture that enveloped him.

The pinnacle of Maxwell's journey came with an invitation that reverberated with promise and possibility. He had been selected to return to Spain for the 2025 "draft tournament" for European football. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to chase his dreams. His dedication, talent, and unwavering passion had led him to this moment. And as he prepared to embark on this next chapter, Maxwell knew that no matter where his journey took him, the lessons learned and memories made at WMPCS would forever shape his path.