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WMPCS Policies

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To consider the school as a place where instruction is given is one point of view. But, to consider the school as a preparation for life is another. In the latter case, the school must satisfy all the needs of life. – Maria Montessori

Washington Montessori Public Charter School

Board of Trustees (BOT) Policy Handbook (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Policy Series

The BOT Policy Handbook is organized into 7 series. Each series covers a different

aspect of school functioning at Washington Montessori Public Charter School.

100 Status and Governance of Board of Trustees

100. Legal Status of the Board and School

101. Board Organization, Authority, and Duties

102. Board Member Elections

103. Board Member Code of Ethics

104. Conflict of Interest Policy

105. Role of Board Member in the Community

106. Board Meetings

107. Compliance with Open Meetings Law

108. Closed Sessions

109. Confidential Information

110. Policy Development and Adoption

111. Policy Review and Evaluation

112. Grievances

200 Educational Programming

200. Charter Focus and Goals for Educational Programming

201. Curriculum Development

202. Parent Involvement and Parent Organizations

203. Accreditation

204. Lottery/ Student admissions

205. Retention and Promotion

206. School Calendar and Time for Learning

207. Evaluation of Student Progress

208. Special education programs/Rights of students with disabilities

209. School Trips

210. Student Internships

211. Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Safety

212. Communications

213. Religion in the Schools

214. Instruction of English Language Learners

215. Extracurricular Activities

300 Students

300. Focus on Students

301. Student Records

302. Student Discipline

303. Student Attendance

304. Student Searches

305. Anti-Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Policy

306. Criminal Behavior

307. Drug-free Campus

308. Code of Student Conduct

309. Suspension/Expulsion

310. Dress code

311. Grievance (Student/Parent)

312. Internet Safety & Responsible Use of Technology

313. Student Organizations

314. Visitors/Volunteers Field trips On campus In classrooms

400 Health and Wellness

400. Student Health and Wellness

401. Immunization and Health Requirements for Admission

402. Communicable Diseases Students

403. Administering Medications to Students

404. Concussion and Head Injury

405. Safety and Student Transportation

406. Child Abuse Reports and Investigations

407. Smoking and Tobacco Products

408. Service Animals in Schools

409. Weapons and Explosives Prohibited

500 Personnel

500. General Principles for Personnel Matters

501. xxx

600 Fiscal Goals

600. Fiscal Goals

601. Budget Planning and Adoption

602. Fiscal Management Standards

603. Grants and Funding for Special Projects

604. Fixed Assets Inventory

605. Annual Independent Audit

606. Gifts and Bequests

607. Insurance

700 Campus and Facility Needs

700. Planning to Address Facility Needs

701. Selection and Use of Architects and Engineers

702. Bidding for Construction Work

703. Care and Maintenance of Grounds and Outdoor Equipment

704. Security of Facilities

705. Energy Management and Conservation

706. Sale, Disposal and Lease of Board-Owned Real Property