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Why does this site seam to change? About Us

Simply put, we are learning.  As visitors navigate through the site and learn more about us, we are learning more about what is important to them.  We do this through cataloging the searches though the site, tracking which pages people go to first, how they found us (which search engine), where they are from and many other points or bits of information we track.  When we track this information is it in a very broad fashion (i.e. we know a visitor is from Greenville, but do not know who they are or where they live).

An example of this will be our upcoming response to searches of “what does a school day look like?”  Although not currently available we are working to make general schedules per level available on the site in late August.  

If you have any suggestions or comments please email austin.smigel@wmpcs.org and we will see if we can add them to the site.  

Thank you for your support and suggestions.