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        Summer 2013 Restoring Our Environment

Over the last year the WMPCS Board of Trustees has increased its investments back

    into the classrooms and campus as well as setting the stage for future students knowing

    that an investment in our community is one that will benefit all current and future

    students at WMPCS.   

The list of improvements is extensive and covers all aspects of the  school from

    small to large. Some of larger projects include adding a 4th Kindergarten, making

    a commitment that the Middle School students each get a dedicated laptop, and renovating

    the buildings, grounds and trails.

Over the summer we will be completing our administrative renovation, addition of

    a visitor parking lot, addition of new security systems, implementation of Montessori

    Records Express to aid our teachers in tracking our students academic growth , re-opening

    our outside classroom space by the pond and clearing our trails.

        New entrance to school with the addition

        of a new reception area

        Beginnings of clearing of

        The pond classroom space

        New sidewalks to playground and

        basketball court

        Bioswale renovation

        New reception area and conference room

Back offices

Back offices

Administrative Offices

      Beginnings of the drive and parking lot

   Extending the basketball court

Basketball court extension

New visitor parking lot

Middle school carpet

The “cleaned” run-off pond

The office walls sheet rocked

Middle school room with new carpet

New fence for  kindergarten

outside space

New Kindergarten room

New parent conference room

Front entrance

Front drive, future home of Paco the crab and visitor lot

New reception area

Future home of WMPCS volleyball courts

MS. Hale’s office

Mr. Smigel’s office

Parent resource  Montessori library

Middle school room with new carpet