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March 24, 2014

Dear Parents,

The children talk as if they thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the aquarium.  We thought the facility was wonderful and the program they presented on alligators was informative.  Thank you for helping with transportation and taking the time to spend the day with us. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many parents participate in a field trip.

Kidsfest is our next “big thing” – we will be sending home information on projects either this week or the beginning of next week.  Kidsfest will be on Friday, April 11th, as it was originally scheduled on our school calendar.  Please let us know immediately if your child will not be able to attend.  Ami’s mother (a native of Senegal) is teaching the children a dance.  We are thankful she is willing to share with us about Senegal – we are all enjoying her visits.  Some of the children are having a hard time doing the right thing during our dance practices.  Please speak with your child about listening and following directions – it is especially important as we work to prepare a group dance.

We need volunteers to help with Kidsfest.  Please indicate below what you would be willing to do.  You may choose to make food (we will supply a recipe from Senegal) or work in our booth (fishing in Senegal). Please return the form below so we can begin working on a schedule.  If you have a preferred time, please note that also.  We will send out details (schedule, recipes) next week.

Janice and Antje

Please detach and return


_____    I would like to make some food for Kidsfest.

_____   I would like to work in the booth.

January 27, 2014

Dear Parents,

As I write this it is uncertain whether we will have school the remainder of the week.  Please pay attention to the announcements on the television channels and, of course the alerts that go out from administration.  We had to begin our week as if we will be in school each day and so we do have spelling words.  I expect we will just have to test on these words next week, but, you never know about the weather.

List 1:  sing, rang, thing, sang, ring, hung, wing, rung, sung, hang

List 2: stay, play, clay, pray, sway, spray, away, delay, always, tray

List 3: beast, least, breeze, really, cheap, cheep, creak, creek, speak, speech

Stay warm and enjoy the snow!

Janice and Antje

January 6, 2014

Dear Parents,

We hope you enjoyed the holidays with your children – it was nice to have them all return to school today.  We began our week with reviews in math computation skills.  This week we will be discussing the fundamental needs of humans and the children will have the opportunity to make their own chart.  We will be writing about needs and wants.

We have a new face in our room!  Miss Michelle has taken the place of Miss Sandy.  This has happened because of budget cuts due to decreased funding from the state.  Miss Sandy may be working part-time with our kindergarten classes while she uses this time to complete her degree at BCCC.  We are hoping she will return to WMPCS full-time one day soon.

Spelling lists are:

List 1:  glad, plus, grab, glue, plate, grade, glass, grape, plug, grass

List 2:  who, believe, how, what, achieve, when, chief, where, field, why

List 3:  reign, highway, delay, veil, neigh, hurray, beige, display, layers, decay

Happy New Year!

Janice and Antje

December 9, 2013

Dear Parents,

Thank you all for your support for our Heifer Project!  The children are enjoying sharing how they earned the money they are bringing in as contributions.  We will collect funds until this Friday, December 13th.

The children who were at the Holiday Concert represented the class well.  They sang beautifully to the accompaniment of a guitar and rhythm instruments.  We know this is a busy time of year - thank you for allowing your child to participate in a program for which they practiced quite a bit.

We will have our Holiday Celebration on Thursday, December 19th.  Thank you to Christine LeCompte (something sweet), Paola Escalona (napkins), Ginger Gardiner (plates and something salty), and Deanna Castellow (drinks) for helping provide a special treat for our class.

You will find your child’s spelling list below.

Janice and Antje

(Your child’s list went home on his/her letter today.)

January 13, 2014

Dear Parents,

The children continue to work hard as we approach the end of our second nine weeks.  The third-year students have begun working on their portfolios which is a preparation for the EOG language arts test.  We are figuring out how to balance that work with our regular reading.  They will also be adding word problems to their math work this week.

The class voted to make (as a group) posters about the fundamental needs of man.  They are hanging in our classroom.  They also were asked to think and write about what they received over the holidays that met a fundamental need.  

Next Monday will be a holiday and then Tuesday will be a Teacher Workday.  Since it will be a short week we will have no spelling words.  The words for this week are:

List 1: plant, green, bring, crop, brown, glob, drove, from, flap, class

List 2: green, aqua, yellow, brown, white, orange, purple, pink, blue, gold

List 3: through, opposite, beneath, against, about, between, threw, below, behind, toward

We will be scheduling conferences with some parents; please feel free to request a conference the week of January 20th if you have concerns and questions about your child.

Janice and Antje

October 7, 2013

Dear Parents,

We were thrilled to have 100% participation this year for Donuts for Dads!  The children always look forward to this event – we think they actually enjoy spending time with someone special more than they enjoy the doughnut.  We appreciate all of you taking the time to make this the special event that it should be.

This week we are beginning our spelling tests.  To begin, we have 3 lists – one for 1st-year students, one for 2nd-year students, and one for 3rd-year students.  First-year words are: the, lap, hen, box, hut, mad, cut, and, fun, wet. Second-year words are: bike, home, why, time, upon, five, many, your, use, does.  Third-year words are: could, some, were, know, when, again, how, then, over, going.  The children will be asked to work with these words this week and then take a test Friday afternoon.

We are beginning to discuss the Second Great Lesson in detail.  We will be talking about the Pre Cambrian Period, the six periods of the Paleozoic Era, the three periods of the Mesozoic Era, and the Cenozoic Era.  We have already talked about the Ice Ages and extinction as we took an overall look at our timeline of life.  Our Third Great Lesson will be Friday, October 18th.

As we go further into our study of maps and geography, we will be talking about the lines of latitude and longitude and begin an in-depth study of islands.

Thank you to all the parents who drove for our field trip to the Estuarium!  We were lucky that the rain held off until the afternoon so that we could enjoy all we had planned – a picnic lunch and a walk along the waterfront to Scoops.  

Thank you to Ginger & Isabel Gardiner for sharing persimmons with our class.  I have to admit it was the first time I had ever tried one!  Most of the children tried a piece, although some waited to watch other’s reactions before taking some to try.

Janice and Antje