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Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, December 9,2013


Please send in jar lids.....Christmas project.

Don't forget to study math facts with your child.

We have been talking about the earth and how it rotates around itself at the same time it's rotating around the sun. Days, nights, years....concepts that we take for granted and your children are learning about! Learning to tell time....take the time to ask your child to tell you what time it is.

I want to update you all about something that Ms. Worsley and I started to do in the classroom to help maintain a peaceful working environment. One of our class rules says "You may not disturb others". If a child is not following this rule he/she will be given a piece of paper and will give him/herself a tally mark. Five marks means a note home. We make sure that the child understands why he/ she is getting the mark. This hopefully will help remind the children that it is their responsibility to use self control.

Hoping everyone is having a lovely December!

Nancy Murray and Linda Worsley

On my it's December!!!!

Don't forget the Holiday concert this Friday at Washington High School. Your children are singing a sweet lullaby from Tonga !

Please send in jar lids from your holiday cooking. We will need them for a holiday project.

Thanks to Nate's mom and Icem's dad for coming in and talking about cool stuff!!! Bacteria and microscopes!!!!

We are so excited to be learning about the South Pacific country of Tonga! Again, thanks to Jonah's mom and dad for introducing us to this very sweet place!

Three busy weeks ahead of us,

Nancy Murray and Linda Worsley


What a difference a week makes ! We have collected over $200 towards the school wide giving project. All the money will go to the Heifer Project.....we will be helping so many families with our gift. Thanks to all of you who have given. Your children really understand how necessary this project is. Their board work today is to write what they are thankful for. We are truly blessed!

The Mayflower has been a big topic around here....the children are fascinated that my husband is a direct descendant of William Brewster, a passenger on the Mayflower. We are talking about what it must have been like to travel on the cramped ship. Again, we are truly blessed!

On Wednesday I will set up a table using silver , china , cloth napkins , etc. We will talk about manners, how to sit at the table and be polite during Thanksgiving dinner.

We will make our own little cornucopias out of bugles, icing and Trix!!!! The children love them!!!

Y'all have a wonderful holiday!!!

Nancy Murray and Linda Worsley


Oh my how fall has fallen!! I was in the mountains this weekend and overnight the leaves changed!!

Your children are changing too! They are figuring it out! Hip hip hooray! They know what is expected every day....I talk to them every morning in circle about what the day is going to look  like. They bring their work plan to circle and I help them plan their day.....time management and organizational skills are a very big part of the 6-9 curriculum.

Don't forget to send in your child's permission slip for our field trip to the Estuarium on October 11 th.....$6 per child. If you are planning on going just pay at door...$4 .

Have a great week,

Nancy Murray

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hi !

Fall is here ! I'm thrilled, as it is my favorite season.

On Friday your child saw The Second Great Lesson...the beginning of life. The 6-9 teachers present Maria Montessori's 5 Great Lessons during the early months of school. We will get the Time Line of Life out and your child will have a chance to place actual 3-D figures on the period of life that they appeared!!! They absolutely adore this lesson and all the follow ups that go with it!!

I have been talking about vertebrates and invertebrates, parts of the flowering plant, and basic land and water forms. Math is expected every day along with reading!

Field trip to the Estuarium on Friday October 11th.

Have a great week,

Nancy Murray

Monday,September 16, 2013

Dear Parents,

Don't forget to check your child's math fact test.....it's attached to this letter.

Please help your child memorize these facts as he/ she will have a timed test every Friday!

The 6-9 teachers will present Maria Montessori's Second Great Lesson.....The Coming of Life.....this Friday. This lesson is a huge part of the curriculum.

FYI ....your child is beginning to make great work choices. Ask your child to tell you about his/ her Work Plan!

We will start talking about Land and Water Forms, maps, comparing numbers using greater than/less than, and as always respecting others!!

Nancy Murray

September 9, 2013

Dear parents,

Just a few updates for you.

Our class will have VIOLIN on Monday morning....so bring violin on Mondays.

Tuesday PM we have PE.

Wednesday PM we have Music.

Thursday PM we have Art.

On Friday your child will have a timed math fact test....please practice the fact family that your child is on at home!! Math tests will be sent home so you can see what family they on currently on.

Spelling is self paced in my class....your child can move quickly through the Montessori spelling lists, but he/she is expected to take at least on test per week.

Right now our class is providing napkins and forks and a tray at lunch. Pack a spoon if needed. Make sure your child has a water bottle.

Third year students will be taking the Before End of Grade test on Tuesday. They have practiced with me and I will be administering the test.

Have a great week.

Nancy Murray

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dear Parents,

What a wonderful group of students I have! Last week was all about getting to know each other, understanding our class rules, our daily schedule, where things are located, and singing songs! Ask your child to sing you one!

Your 1st year student was introduced to the Geometric Solids! 2nd and 3rd year students got right back to work in Math, Language and Reading!

On Friday the 6-9 teachers presented The First Great Lesson...The Beginning of The Universe and Earth. We explain to them that this is just one theory.

If you would like to chat with me about anything I will be available after 3:15. Just email me or call the school or send in a note. I love talking about your child.

Please read our FYI. It has all of the information about what is happening at WMPCS.

Ali Woolard has volunteered to be the room mom.  Judy Tant has kindly volunteered to give Ms. Worsley and me extra lunch time on certain day. We call this Red Plate Day!

Look for a letter from me every Monday!