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Hello everyone!  We have reached the halfway mark of our school year!  Friday was the last day of the second quarter grading period.  Report cards are going home with this letter.  They will appear differently than the last one you received; so please let us know if you have questions or comments.  A few of you have already set up a meeting with us to go over your child’s progress.  Thank you!  If you haven’t, and would like to schedule a conference, please give us a call.  This is completely optional.

Share:  If your child would like to do share on Friday afternoons, there will be a place set aside for them to pick up the share sheets they need to complete.  To save paper, we will no longer be sending them home.  We have talked to the children about this already.  

Please keep reading with, and encouraging your child to practice math at home.  Study Island is a good resource for second and third graders.  

Thank you for all you do!

Mrs. Miller and Ms. Ward

Thank you!!

Kristen Savage (Kyler’s mom) for reading with the children (and on her birthday, at that!)

Mrs. Judy (Elliott’s grandmother) for reading with the children

Heads up…

Hot lunch money for 1/29/14 due by this Friday at noon

November 12, 2013

Hello everyone!  As we begin our second nine weeks, we are reflecting on the progress the children have made since the beginning of the year.  The children are making better work choices, staying engaged in their work, and growing into a close community.  We greatly appreciate all of the parental (and grandparental) involvement we had had!  Thank you!  We love having you in our room; and appreciate the encouragement and support you have given.  We are all working toward the same goal:  a child that is confident, secure, and independent.  

Parent/Teacher Conferences are still going strong!  Thank you to those with whom we have already met; and we look forward to seeing those of you scheduled for this week.

We will be working on many things this quarter.  A lot will be happening with the holidays creeping upon us.  As always, the school is involved in a service project for Christmas.  As sent home in an earlier note; we are contributing to the Heifer Project.  Our class set a goal of $140.00 to earn and give towards the charity.  Please let your child work for their donation.  Simple things like taking out the trash, folding clothes, or doing the dishes could help them earn a little bit of money to give.  They are really excited about making their own contribution(:  

There will be a community meeting this Thursday evening at 6:30.  Prior to the meeting, the middle school will be providing a fall feast to raise money to go towards their end of year field trip experience.  Tickets are being sold for $7.00 each; with a family cap of $25.00.  Please come out and support the middle school, enjoy a nice soup supper, and hear news from the school at the meeting.  This is a good chance to find out about what is going on at school, and to have your voice regarding its future.  If you have any questions or would like tickets, please give us a call.  Of course, you can come to the meeting without participating in the supper option.

Please continue reading and working on math facts at home.  All of your efforts ARE paying off!  Second and third graders should be doing Study Island at home, and third graders should be working in their EOG books.

As always, thank you for sharing your child with us.  We look forward to a productive quarter with the children!

Mrs. Miller and Ms. Ward

Thank You!

Mrs. Judy (Elliott’s grandmother) for reading with the children

Mrs. Snead (Kyler’s grandmother) for reading with the children

Mrs. Sadler (Kyler’s grandmother) for doing origami with the children

Mike & Kerri Flinchbaugh (Elliott’s parents) for crickets

Heads Up…

Community Meeting and Supper (Supper at 5:00, meeting at 6:30)

Money due for hot lunch on 11-20-13

Wish List…

Meal worms

October 22,  2013

Hello everyone!  I can hardly believe that this is the last full week of the first grading period!!  Time flies when you’re having fun!  Please take time to look at the Parent Conference Schedules that were sent home, or received via email with The Link.  If you have any conflicts with your time; please go ahead and let us know so we can reschedule.  

We are asking for your help with practicing math facts at home.  We do exercises at school; but need that reinforcement at home as well.  Please go over them with your child for just a few minutes each night. (First graders should be practicing + and -, second and third graders should be practicing +,-, and x.)   

Maria Montessori said, “We teachers can only help the work going on, as servants wait upon a master.”  We are giving many lessons in class.  Please encourage your child to make good work choices and to do the follow-up activities assigned with the lessons they have been given.  One thing builds upon another.

Today, we presented the third Great Lesson:The Coming of Man.  We always begin by telling the children that the story is based on a scientific theory; and then allow them the opportunity to build their own opinion according to their observations and their own beliefs.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

As always, we are enjoying working with the children.  Thank you for all you do!!

I apologize for not getting this letter out on yesterday as usual.  The share sheet is attached.

Thank you!!...

Christy Bunting (Joseph’s mom) for crickets

Lee & Kelly Grubb (Abby’s parents) for crickets

Jamie Pollard (Michael’s dad) for crickets

Mary Harding (Kyleigh’s grandmother) for helping clean the room

September 30, 2013

I can hardly believe it’s the last day of September!  The school year is passing so fast!

The children are making tremendous progress in all subjects.  Having your child read to you and practice math facts at home is a great way to help in advancing their ability to feel successful.

When we sent home the field trip permission slip to the estuarium; we forgot to mention that the price of admission for adults is $4.00.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you; and ask that if you are attending, adult chaperones are asked to pay at the door please. And just a note: unfortunately, we do not accept personal checks for field trips.

Donuts for Dads is scheduled for this Friday, October 4th from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m.  This is a wonderful time for dads (or significant others) to come and see what your child is doing at school!!  We look forward to seeing you!

Spelling lists are going home today.  Please go over these with your child, and help them practice the words at home. The test will be on Friday afternoon.

Share sheets are attached.

Thank you for all you do.

Mrs. Miller and Ms. Ward

Thank you…

Shannon Tyer (Tanner’s mom)  for napkins

Rebecca Blackmon (Kozmo’s mom) for reading with the first graders.

Heads up…

Hot lunch will be served on this Wednesday (Cheeseburger)

Donuts for Dad - October 4th (8:00-9:30)

Estuarium Field trip October 7th. Please don’t forget to bring car seats on this day.

Wish List…

Anyone living in Greenville, or going… Alex has graduated from baby crickets to medium sized crickets, and needs some.  They are at PetSmart.  Please let me know if you can help with this(: THANKS!!

September 23,2013

Hello everyone! The votes are in; and our pet gecko’s official name is  “Alex.”  The children really enjoy having him in the classroom; and he was a big hit during the Second Great Lesson on last Friday - The Timeline of Life.  

The children are adjusting to choosing their work, and managing their time wisely.   They are getting lessons in writing, spelling, history, language, botany, math, zoology, geometry, and geography.  There is always something fun and educational to do in the classroom.  Please talk to your child about making good, challenging choices while at school.  We continue to encourage grace and courtesy as the children make new friends and mentor one another.

Please remember to have your child bring their violin and book on Mondays if they are taking lessons.  Our class goes first thing in the morning,  

Attached is the share sheet for our share time on Friday.  The kids are really putting a lot of thought into their shares.  Also attached is a Field Trip permission slip for our first “outing” to the Estuarium, right here in Washington.  Did you know that the Pamlico/Tar River Estuary is the second largest in the nation?  Only the Chesapeake Bay region is larger.  Wow!  Drivers are needed(:

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Mrs. Miller and Ms. Ward

Thank You to...

Christine Bates (Abby’s mom) for crickets for Alex.

Julia Fagundus (Wyatt’s mom) for reading with the first graders.

Heads Up…

This Friday (9/27/13) - Teacher Workday - No school for students

Money due ($5.00) on this Thursday (due to Teacher Workday on Friday) for Cheeseburger Hot Lunch to be served on 10/2/13

Wish List



Hello everyone!  Two weeks already gone… It’s hard to believe!  The children are beginning to adjust to being back in school and getting back to work.  We are still redirecting and correcting behavior a lot; so please remind your child to respect the rules of the classroom, and to work hard. (:  I attached a list of expectations for you to go over with your child!

If you have any questions about the assessments your child took, please give us a call.  We are placing them in lesson groups according to their abilities.  We are still assessing the first graders in reading.  Please be patient with this; the assessments take a while to do.  In the meantime, your first grader is reading and working in the classroom.  Please let them fill you in on what they’ve been doing!  

Attached is a list of sight words for Pre-K through third grade; and a list of things you can do at home to help them recognize and learn sight words.  Please go over these with your child, no matter what grade they are in.  First grade parents are especially encouraged to do these activities with your child.  Reading at home is very important for emerging readers.  

Please give us a call with any questions or concerns if you need to.

Mrs. Miller and Ms. Ward

Heads Up

Third Grade Beginning of Year Test - TOMORROW!!!!  Please have them get a good night’s sleep, and have a good breakfast.(:

School Pictures - this Wednesday 9/11/13

Hot lunch - 9/18 (money due by this Friday, 9/13 at noon)

 *Please turn in form with money. We cannot accept payment without it.

Community Meeting - Thursday 9/12/13

Thank You

Alida Woodcock (Charlotte’s mom) for crickets

Jennifer Congleton (Payton’s mom) for crickets

Mrs. Carico (Aurora’s mom) for sending in towel for drying dishes



Community Circle and Lessons

1.  Sit quietly (Do not talk with others or get up and down)

2.  Raise your hand before speaking

3.  Sit upright and pay attention

4.  Be prepared

Work Cycle

1.  Respect each other’s time for work

2.  Have a purpose for movement (Get what you need before beginning work.)

3.  Use careful movements when up.

4.  Make good (challenging) work choices.

5.  Use your time wisely.

6.  Think for yourself.

7.  Complete work before moving to another or stopping for a break.

Classroom Rules

1.  Respect each other.

2.  Respect the classroom and environment.

3.  Always use careful and purposeful movement.

4.  Always tell the truth.

5.  Respect other’s work time and personal space.

6.  Use walking feet.

7.  Use inside voices.

8.  Always be kind.  Use grace and courtesy.

Ways to practice sight words at home…..

Start with about 5 words at a time.  As they get comfortable with those words, move to another set of words.

1.  Concentration:  Make two sets of cards and play a game of “Concentration.”

2.  Go Fish:  Make two sets of cards and play “Go Fish.”

3.  Tic-Tac-Toe:  Write words in the tic-tac-toe spaces.  Take turns selecting a space and read the word.  If read correctly, place and X or an O in that space and play until someone wins!

4.  Word Hunt:  Look for sight words in books, magazines, or newspapers.  You could let your child highlight the word when they find and say it correctly.

5.Coin Toss:  Put the word cards on the floor.  Child tries to toss or flip a coin onto the card to read it.

6.  Play “Who Am I?”:  For example - “I rhyme with bed.  I have three letters.  I end in ‘d’.”  Answer - RED

7.  Play Stepping Stones:  Place words on the floor and have child step on them as they say them.

8. Movable Alphabet:  Have child use scrabble tiles to make words.

9.  Make words using stencils.

10.  Make words using rubber stamps.

11.  Make words using magnetic letters.

12.  Make words using whipped cream, peanut butter, honey, or anything else you can eat.

13.  Write words 3 times each in a sitting.  (Do about 5 words at a time.)  This helps with handwriting also. (:

14.  Make flash cards and hold them up for child to read.


Hey Everyone!  We hope you enjoyed your long weekend!  We are so excited about our class this year! The children are so sweet and ready to learn.  Last week, we spent a lot of time going over classroom procedures.  We also had lessons in grace and courtesy, and the children were able to watch the first Great Lesson.  It was exciting!

We picked our country to study for Kid’s Fest.  We will be studying Panama!  Please use every opportunity you can to help your child get acquainted with this country.  We will begin a formal study soon.  If you know anything about Panama that you would like to share, please let us know.  We depend on parents and relatives and friends for extracurricular help in our study.(:

Every week, you should receive a Share Sheet with this letter.  It is for your child to fill out (with your help if needed) if they want to participate in our Share Time, which is on Friday afternoons.  Share Time is completely optional.  This short form must be completed and turned back in to do a share with the class.  Most animals are welcome, but we do ask for a call from the parent to schedule.

We have two wonderful volunteers for room parent!!  A big thank you goes out to Jennifer Congleton (Payton’s mom) and Rebecca Blackmom (Kozmo’s mom).  They will be contacting you soon to get to know you and to find out if and when you can help out with class activities.  

The children met our class pet today!  If is a leopard gecko.  We are not sure yet if it’s a boy or a girl; but will hopefully find out and be able to name it soon.  

Hot lunch will be offered every first and third Wednesday of the month beginning this coming Wednesday, Sept. 4th.  It will be offered through the 9-12 level and King Chicken.  Every first week, the lunch is a Cheeseburger, Cutie Orange, and Pretzels for $5.00.  The lunch for the third week has not yet been determined.  Money will always be due by noon on the Friday prior to Wednesday’s lunch.  If you paid last week for Hot Lunch, it will be here this Wednesday.  Please remember to pack a snack if your child wants one.

We have two children in the class with peanut allergies.  They know their limitations; but please be careful and thoughtful of this as you pack your child’s lunch and snacks.  We also have a gluten free diet child.  If you send in any treats for the class, please keep this in mind. Thank you!

This week we will be continuing with beginning of year assessments in language and math.   Second and third graders have already been placed in their reading levels.  First graders will do assessments in reading this week. With first years, we will cover greater than, less than, and equal to numbers; and with second and third graders, we will be reviewing concepts learned last year, and practicing those before moving on. Language lessons will begin with a review of  prior knowledge.  We will also be learning how to use a calendar with Days of the Week and Months of the Year follow up activities.  We will be learning about flowering plants, vertebrates and invertebrates, the planisphere map, and geometric solids.  Also, Encore will begin this week at 12:30 on Tuesday and Thursday.

On each week’s letter, I will put a wishlist of things we could use in the classroom.  Please do not feel obligated; but if you would like to pick up some things to send in, we will be very thankful!  

Thank you for sharing your children with us!  We are looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Miller and Ms. Ward

Wish List

Towels for drying dishes


Laundry Detergent (for washing towels and mats)

Thank You

Jennifer Congleton: for bringing in crickets for our gecko.  The baby crickets are only available at PetSmart so any Greenville parent may like to help Jennifer while we still need those.  As the gecko grows, regular crickets (which are easier to get) will be the food of choice.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping with this task(:

Heads Up

Wed. 9/30//13 - Hot lunch if paid by last Friday

3rd grade parents only -  The third grade students will be taking a North Carolina Beginning of Grade Test on 9/10/13.  You received a letter about it last week from school.  We will take a practice test this week to help them get ready for the real thing.