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March 17, 2014

Dear Parents:

 “Emotion is the chief source of all becoming-conscious. There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.” ~Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)

 Emotions are a HUGE thing in our community. They are interlaced with behavior because they arise far earlier than words can be articulated (Feinstein, 2009). Therefore, sharing feelings is also a TITANIC yet increasing need and so is the celebration of emotions. We ask our students to mirror their emotions/behaviors while pondering by referencing Kohlberg’s Six Levels of Moral Development: Why do I do the things I do?

1. I don’t want to get in trouble.

2. I want a reward.

3. I want to please somebody.

4. I follow the rules.

5. I am considerate of others.

6. I have a personal code of conduct.

Levels 4 through 6 are sought out in our daily activities in school as part of our Montessori Philosophy. Our society most certainly looks out for these as well. So, what level are YOU in TODAY?


 Thank you to all our supporters of the Pancake Supper. It was a success and those that visited us had a great time. Thanks especially to parents that donated the materials and ingredients and helped mixing pancakes, cooking sausages, preparing fruit, and cleaning up!! Thanks to the parents that signed up at the last minute to transport students to their soccer game this week and those planning to sign up for our next games.


Light Show: FUN! Book Fair: INTERESTING!  Scavenger Hunt:   ENTERTAINING!       Pancake Supper: ENGAGING! Soccer Practice and Game: WE NEED MORE EMOTIONS TO SHARE WITH YOU! So, let us know if you are available to assist Coach Vinnie by being present during practice and supporting our students during their games.

Thank you for all you do,

Middle School Teachers


An alliance is a pact                                    In an alliance we lean on each other

Where two or more people act                      To make sure we’re OK

Toward a common goal                               Everyone recovers,

That comes from the soul.                            And days always get less gray.

       ~ Isabel Jackson

Dear Parents,


  We wish to acknowledge the Middle School students who show their spirit of camaraderie every step of the way by assisting, motivating, and redirecting each other with respect and love.  That said, we continue exploring connections, relationships, and strengthening our bonds.

  This week we transition into the theme of the third cycle: MOVEMENT.  The topic leads us to discover and recognize changes. Maria Montessori recognized purposeful MOVEMENT as an essential component in learning to develop practical life skills. Among some of the activities we continue with fundraisers for the End-of-Year trip.

Scavenger Hunt at Goose Creek State Park:  2190 Camp Leach Road, Washington

Saturday March 1st, 2014       (March 8 if inclement weather is predicted.)

12:00 – 3:00 PM

Pancake Dinner

Thursday March 13th, 2014

Before Community Meeting

 Both activities call for Parents to volunteer by monitoring teams that participate during the scavenger hunt and providing guidance in the kitchen to prepare the dinner. Sign up for these activities by calling or emailing the teachers and at wmpcsscavenge@gmail.com for the scavenger hunt.

Middle School students are to provide the following as their contribution for the Scavenger Hunt:

Hand in a list of ideas for objects to find and prizes for the teams.

Ask parents to volunteer and help them look for donations.

Prepare posters and flyers to market the event.

Contact local papers for prices and prepare banners to advertise businesses that provide donations.

Thank you.

Middle School Teachers

I found my Alliance.     

My friends,           And now I am healed.          And feel less alone than before.

    ~Taylor Sparrow (The Injured Dove)

Dear Parents,

 This week we gather to close our second cycle Alliances. Students are stepping up the ladder of life moving determinedly into our next cycle. Those that need a stronger foundation will find themselves willingly retracing their steps to achieve the mastery expected. Therefore, ask your child how he /she is moving and how you can support us in fulfilling his/her needs.

We continue working hand in hand setting goals for our third cycle including the following activities:

● Book Fair

● Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser

● Research for End-of-Year Trip

● Eighth grade graduation planning

This week we are setting the Scholastic Book Fair. Sign up to volunteer for this school-wide event. Share the brochure sent home and together write your wish list.

Other topics to consider are:

● Setting quality time at home to study.

● Taking home planners and binders with homework. Monitor at home quality of work.

● Discussing with your child how he/she contributes when restoring the classroom environment during and at the end of the day. It is a helpful reminder to avoid distractions during work cycles and interrupting the flow of vehicles when heading back home by the end of our day.

● Pets: we need bedding (Aspen)

Thank you for all you do.

Middle School Teachers

January 13, 2014


Alliance means bond,

Connection, collusion, coherence

It means all of these things

And more

It means to be merging

Of efforts or interests,

By families, states, and organizations

It also means an agreement

Or treaty

Between two or more nations

Alliance doesn’t mean


Rebellion or

War. ~Macy Main

Dear Parents,

 This week we close our second cycle: Alliances. This does not mean our efforts to continue strengthening bonds, making connections, and merging our interests are to end; but to bring more wind to our sails.  In this journey we proceed with the expectations of having everyone support to reach our goals.

 Alliances are to add coherence to our goals. This happens when we come together and carry burdens, cares, and celebrate our successes. In order to ensure this we need:

Students to be present and to participate actively.

Students to be on time and to use time more efficiently.

Students to make sure jobs assigned are taken care of for the good of our group.

Students take care of the environment and materials.

We greatly appreciate when parents schedule appointments that do not interfere with the work cycles or do not take working hands before the day is over, as restoring takes more time at the end of the day; more if we have fewer hands to do the jobs.

Thank you for all you do.

Middle School Teachers and Students

December 9, 2013

An alliance is a bond to last for many days to come

Like the interconnected creatures of earth

Linked by their endless constant hum

In our limited time in this world,

Alliances should be plentiful and strong

Nobody can stop you but yourself

Can you stand out from the throng?

Every word you say helps.                   ~ Noah Ausherman

Dear Parents,

 Our fundraisers and community activities served their purposes and added to the array of memories for years to come. We worked like bees and ants. We sang harmoniously as we danced strengthening our friendship by opening to new possibilities. In addition, we stood out by being true to our Montessori philosophy of learning from each other, serving each other, and assisting each other to reach our goals.

 Thank you for supporting our community and our dreams. Our fundraiser was a success and we are looking forward into making our Light Show a new WMPCS tradition.

This week:

Students complete classwork required and refer to checklist, documents, texts, links and videos shared in their Google Drive or hard copies.

Students participate in Secret Santa (ask them for details).

Students keep binders organized and complete, make up for work missing, and finish Spanish presentations.

Thank you for all you do.

Middle School Teachers

November 25th, 2013

Dear Parents,

We continue to share our experiences and learning through our words. Students are internalizing our cycle theme and taking action as an Alliance by:

Being prepared for class.

Keeping our environment safe and inviting.

Proposing ways to better our fundraising activities.

We, students and teachers, wish to acknowledge Ashley Corbett for providing ways to better our Middle school community by setting up new lunch and recess schedules and sharing her personal experiences to enrich others with artifacts and delicious cakes. Tatiana Oliveira has been promoting her blanket drive.   Friends have been of great support for little and big things that life brings, like Anthony states in his poem: “…And when we are there no one is gone…”

Our fundraiser at the moment is our Tree, Wreath, and Garland sale. Remember to put in your order. In addition we are planning a Light Show on campus for December 6th after our Holiday Concert at WHS. We need:

Lights and extension cords

Inflatables and other decorations

Cups, cocoa, and cookies

Foam poster boards (4)

A tent

We need hands to help the kids set up everything. We expect your help and active hands, but more importantly your support to make our Winter Wonderland come true for our kids. Happy Thanksgiving!

Student Led Conferences

November 12, 2013

Dear Students and Parents:

 We have begun work on the second 9 weeks with the theme “alliances.”  Please ask your middle schooler to tell you the meaning of the word alliances.  Parent teacher,  student-led  conferences are going well.  Thank you students for rising to the occasion by being prepared and sharing your journey of learning with us.  

 We are providing a service to our community this week by offering a meal before the community meeting on Thursday night, Nov. 14, 2013.  You should have received a note asking you to donate an item. If you have any questions please e-mail us.  Also, please help your students sell tickets to family and friends.  The money raised will help with the cost of our end of year trip.

Middle School Teachers

October 28th , 2013

Dear Students and Parents:

Our Erdkinder Camp successfully took place last week. The goals set, as seen in our previous letter, were mostly completed by the majority of the 40 students that attended.

 Among the community services (Roanoke Christian Service Camp) were the following:

Treat Fire Ants (All Students)

Place Vents and Move Bricks

Pick up pine Cones from Playground / Bring a bag for crafts

Move Straw Piles and Reuse in front of Girls Dorm

Knock Down Spider Webs and Clean Gym

Clean Around Campus Common areas

Each student was assigned to one service. Group leaders were chosen by peers and a good group of students finished promptly their work to assist others in services listed or cooking crew for lunch. To clarify, cooking, keeping grounds clean and dorms neat are a responsibility of each person attending; which means these are not considered community service.

We wish to thank you for letting us use your kitchen utensils and camping equipment to be able to cook our meals. We did expect to have more parents provide hands on experiences which would had given quality time for the teachers and students work on the bonding experiences, but we look forward into having you in our next activities. Thank you to the few that did work with us in one of the three days.

The students that did not attend camp or had to leave without completing their community service need to meet with teachers to set new goals for these components to be added in their assessments. For example, mini-seminar will be done with Ms. Delgado for those that were absent (We will use the same piece during this week, so be prepared) .

Today, Monday, all students that attended were to hand-in assessments, list of observations, journal entries, annotations, and questions formulated about the seminar piece. Tomorrow, they will be taking home the syllabus for our Year-Long study of Jamaica.  

Thank you for all you do,

Middle School Teachers

October 22nd, 2013

We must help the child to act for himself, will for himself, think for himself; this is the

art of those who aspire to serve the spirit. (Montessori, Education New World, 69)

Dear Students and Parents:

 We open this week by preparing for our Erdkinder experience. Among the list of things in our agenda, we continue to practice using wisely our observation and listening skills which will highly be used during this experience at the Roanoke Christian Service Camp.

Specific goals for our students to meet are:

Implement values and skills used in community.

Understand choices in personal health and social skills.

Contemplate about your place in our community, society, world, and universe.

Show grace and courtesy.

Demonstrate leadership in initiatives, cooking crews, and be proactive participants in all activities provided.

Provide community service for the camp grounds to show appreciation.

Strengthen ties with peers and teachers that build our community.

Complete checklist provided and hand-in assessments in Camp Package.

Friday at 11:00 AM at the camp we will have our Culminating Activity for this Cycle: Beginnings. We wish to invite the parents that may accompany us to a “banquet” lunch in which the students share memories of these first weeks and kick off our next Cycle: Alliances.

We thank you for your support in sending promptly the permission slips and donating the following for our camp:

Name of student: _________________________________________________________________

Item(s) donated for use during camp: _________________________________________________

Our students have a wish list to make our stay at the camp a memorable one:

cookies, brownies, glow sticks, Chex mix (avoid nuts in the mix)

Thank you for all you do,

Middle School Teachers

September 30, 2013

The school is a society. Then men are together, they are in society.

They are in society when they are in the home but the adaptation is different.

Social life is everywhere. Otherwise there would not be a family or a country.                          ~Montessori, Child and the World, 22.

Students and Parents,

 Our work is yet to be done fully to reach our potential. We must engage in all kinds of work: academic and social. Practical life skills are being monitored in school based on the environment provided, but we must extend the environment to our surroundings. Let’s remember we are all part of this wonderful universe. Therefore, we need from you the following:

❖ We are signing up Room Parents. Let us know your availability by e- mail, calling, or just a note to schedule a meeting. This is a great way to model social skills to our students.

❖ Observe camping trip permission slip and information sent home. Make a note on  your calendar- October 23-25 for this trip and also see due date for return.

❖ Volunteer parents for: transportation, help cooking crews, and assist teachers in activities. Join the fun and add up your volunteer hours!

❖ Fundraisers are incredible opportunities for Practical Life Skills development. Our Fall Dinner is scheduled for Nov. 14. Sign up to help organize the details and be also part of our team.


Thank you for all you do,

Middle School Teachers

October 14th, 2013

“Education should not limit itself to seeking new methods for a mostly arid transmission of knowledge: its aim must be to give the necessary aid to human development.... If ‘the formation of man’ becomes the basis of education, then the coordination of all schools from infancy to maturity, from nursery to university, arises as a first necessity: for man is a unity, an individuality that passes through interdependent phases of development. Each preceding phase prepares the one that follows, forms its base, nurtures the energies that urge towards the succeeding period of life.” (From Childhood to Adolescence, p. 84)

Students and Parents,

We acknowledge you for returning promptly the mid-quarter reports after viewing and writing in goals to be met by the end of this first cycle: Beginnings.

We acknowledge the students that observe policies established, restore the environment with gusto, care for personal items as well as others; but most importantly are models of grace and courtesy consistently. Then again, we wish to continue calling out to our community to gather and support our efforts in providing memorable experiences.

Next week we embark in our Erdkinder experience. We continue nourishing the mind and spirit by reminding our students about what they learned in Preschool and Elementary levels:

A love of order and work

Profound spontaneous concentration

Attachment to reality

Love of silence and of working alone

Obedience, independence and initiative

Spontaneous self-discipline and joy

The power to act from real choice and not just from idle curiosity (Tim Seldin and Paul Epstein, The Montessori Way, 2010.

This week students work on: Planning activities for Erdkinder.


Numbers and body parts assessment

Foods/Restaurant Social Studies

Early Humans and Civilizations Timeline

Art work (senses) ELA

Review seminar guidelines, assign piece for annotations and questions, assign class books to read for next cycle Math

7th Grade: Integers and Rational numbers

8th Grade: Linear equations and the coordinate plane Science

  Heredity     and Punnett Squares  ,   Probability, DNA Structure and Function

Thank you for all you do,

Middle School Teachers

      September 23, 2013

 To give a child liberty is not to abandon him to himself. ~ Maria Montessori

Students and Parents,


This week in:

Math- The life of the spirit prepares the dynamic power for daily life, and, on its side, daily life encourages thought by means of ordinary work.

Science – Only he can organize his psychic life. None of us can do it for him. Indeed it is just here that the importance of our schools really lies.

In Social Studies/ELA/Spanish-The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.

 These quotes from Maria Montessori remind us of: completing school work and homework, keep binders and organized, and continue investing in mastery of skills through research and effort to the best of your abilities.


Middle School teachers will be sending out mid-quarter reports next week.

Observe folders as we send home letters every Monday. Parents should write initials in the log.

Continue to observe the uniform policy as established in the Parent Handbook: it may not be visually distracting to others, undershirts with uniform colors, spirit shirts not altered; jeans should be blue and not torn.

Visit the school’s site to keep informed through the FYI: http://www.wmpcs.org/SeptVol1_2.pdf

Wish list:

Donations to feed our pets: snake, sugar gliders, and hedgehog.

We wish to add to our pet list some fish and a tank.


Middle School Teachers

September 16, 2013

“It is not enough for the teacher to love the child. She must first love and

understand the universe. She must prepare herself, and truly work at it.”
~ Maria Montessori

Students and Parents,

 Last week had been an interesting week. We had explored our beginnings in Middle School and new friendships in conjunction with honing through language, geography, math, and science our observation and communication skills. These friendships and our journey through Middle School will continue advancing with the help of Support and Responsibility. Therefore we need parents and students to focus on the following aspects:

Taking home binders either Thursday or Friday to help in organizing paperwork and notes taken.

Verify completion of homework before due date. (See notes sent or checklists given.)

Continue demonstrating respect (being mindful) of classmates and teachers’ time to observe, work, question, participate actively, explain, and also of Solo-Time.

We thank all students for preparing our 9/11 Memorial Wall. We are in proud about the way our students respond to others’ needs. We are excited to continue sharing daily experiences in our opening and closing circles.

We also thank parents that have provided items from our wish list. Here are some of the things still on the list if you wish to support our efforts.

Cleaning supplies (especially glass cleaner – it works well with our white boards)

First Aid kit supplies

Spiral notebooks

Vinyl gloves

CD player

Large white board

Large Fish aquarium

Clay (colored) – Dollar Tree has a good selection of art supplies.

Thank you for all you do,

Middle School Teachers

Sept. 3, 2013

Students and Parents:

 We had a successful first week of school.  We plan to continue our cycle of learning.  On Friday we rotated through our academic day with our red and blue groups. Please keep communication open.  We trust that the students shared with their parents about their first week of school.

 Once again we open our doors to invite you to our first meeting on Thursday September 5th, 2013. The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM. The agenda will consist in providing a brief overview of the Middle School curriculum and the activities that will enrich our children throughout the year.


Middle School doors open at 8:00 AM. Students will wait at BASC if they arrive earlier.

Hot lunch is Wednesday,  Sept. 4  consisting of a cheeseburger from King Chicken.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, and water are great choices for snacks before and after lunch.

See you soon! Gratefully,

Middle School Teachers

Washington Montessori Public Charter School

August 26, 2013

Students and Parents:

Welcome to our new school year 2013 - 2014! Thank you all for sharing your encouraging words during our Open House last week.

Once again we open our doors to invite you to our first meeting on Thursday September 5th, 2013. The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM. The agenda will consist in providing a brief overview of the Middle School curriculum and the activities that will enrich our children throughout the year.

This week we will initiate with our first cycle themed BEGINNINGS!. We have exciting and interesting hands on activities to kick off the year. Among these activities are:

The Great Story: Beginning of the Universe

Creating garden boxes and cultivating

Making connections with our friends and the environment


Middle School doors open at 8:00 AM. Students will wait at BASC if they arrive earlier.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, and water are great choices for snacks before and after lunch.

We need to borrow  drills, drivers and safety glasses to use Wednesday and Thursday to build our garden boxes.

See you soon! Gratefully,

Middle School Teachers