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                                                                                                                              November 4, 2013

November News

Look forward to seeing parents at scheduled conferences this week.  Please let me know of questions/concerns at this conference.  I will be glad to schedule another meeting if we need more time. Contact me:  jane.hardee@wmpcs.org

The students are working hard and developing necessary habits to progress through the 3-6 level.  Thank you for your support!

Glockenspiels should be in at PC Sound anytime now. (Oct.31 – Nov.8)  Call them first.

Please turn in Fall Festival $5.00 by Friday, Nov. 8.  We have already started to purchase the items we will need for this event.  

Thank you volunteers!  We will be having red plate days on Nov. 22 and Dec. 13.  Contact Christy Walcott:  christywalcott@gmail.com/ 252-495-1451

Kids Fest calendar and assignments. These have been sent in communication folder.  Let me know if didn’t get one or need help.

Kids Fest is an annual multicultural event at WMPCS each Spring. It will be on Friday, April 11, 2013 this year.  This event concludes a year of study in the classroom.  Each class in each level chooses a country of the world to study.

Kids Fest study:  South Korea:  On October 10, we all met Cha Rogers.  Cha is Casey Register’s  grandma.  Cha  and Casey  shared a children’s book written in Korean language, ceremonial costumes and greetings in Korean.  Cha will be visiting each month to share and help us learn more about South Korea.(Language, Food, Dress)  A big thank you to Cha!!

      Mrs. Hardee

                                                                                                                                                  October 28, 2013

Dear Parents,

     We are approaching parent/teacher conferences beginning on Nov. 4, 2013.  Please prepare by coming and sharing your questions and concerns about your child’s development.  Please know that if we need more time we can schedule a conference on another day.

    We certainly are enjoying your child.  Each child is unique and special in their own way.  Each child deserves the opportunity to learn in an environment that supports these habits of mind:

 allows the child to have the freedom to develop their will, creating self discipline                    find joy in learning

 help them to have control where there is lack of control                                                         learn how to be a friend

 respect all living and non-living things                                                                                   begin to use words instead of impulsivity                                                                                                           

 care for the environment                                                                                                       gain academic concepts

 become  peaceful individuals                                                                                                 improve gross and fine motor skills


     We are  so carefully molded as Montessori professionals.  By looking into the purposeful work of the child, we often find clear explanations of how the child develops.  Montessori teachers are there to direct and support your child’s progress each and every day.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Montessori philosophy.  Please feel free to share information that may help us plan for your child’s success in our classroom.

Thank you for your support,

Jane Hardee

                                                                                                               September 23, 2013

Dear Parents,

     Your child is practicing lessons in the areas of Practical Life, Art, Sensorial, Science, Geography, Math Language, Reading and Writing on a daily basis.. Yes, we just jump right in. Each month the curriculum in the areas of Practical Life, Art, Science, Geography and Sensorial change. Children get lessons and  have a fully month to practice lessons to learn concepts of the 3-6 curriculum. I am so proud of the way the students have been independently practicing lessons as we embark on our 3rd week of school. Your child is like a sponge that absorbs everything.

     Your child is currently practicing with materials that help develop:  visual discrimination, fine and gross motor, concepts of living and non-living, animal/plant/mineral, spatial relation, self and mapping.  The children often receive group lessons as well as individual lessons daily.  If the adult observes that a child needs another lesson, then another individual lesson is given. I always want to make sure the child is having success with the material.

     Young children need rules and boundaries in order to be successful. The child often cries out for them and we must help them by putting rules and boundaries in place. There will always be choices and consequences.  I am enjoying your children. Your child is off to a great start!  Talk to your child about their day at school.

     Our room parent is:  Christy Walcott/ ph# 252-495-1451/email - christywalcott@gmail.com

Christy will be calling Kindergarten parents to prepare for our first field trip on Friday, October 25, 2013.  We will be driving to Ahoskie, NC to attend a Native American cultural fair. Permission slips will be sent home prior to field trip. We always include info. Indicating  when the form needs to be returned.  Also, includes items that your child may need for the trip.

PreK parents are asked to take their own children on fieldtrips. We always offer care at school for Prek students if need be.

Thank you,

Jane Hardee

                                                                                                                                  September 30, 2013

Dear Parents,

      Thank you for helping make our outdoor classroom beautiful! The children have been using the garden as an extension of the classroom lessons. The garden is considered a work space. The same rules apply outside. A student can choose one work and then come inside when they are finished so that another friend can have a turn. The choices in the garden are: sand box, fossil pit, tweezing sunflowers, painting the fence with water, sweeping, cutting grass, watering flowers, snack and reading bench.

      Please talk to your child about the importance of using their words to get help and/or solve problems. I encourage the students to come and get a teacher if they do not know what to do or if another child is bothering them. Most of the time a young child is going to need help with this concept. Also, control is something that has to be learned. Each day the students work on gaining self control by playing the "the silence game", following directions and practicing grace and courtesy lessons.

      Your child has been given writing lessons. Beginning lessons are: tracing curved lines, tracing straight lines, metal inset lesson #1, story writing using magazine pictures, writing first name using place cards.

Please help your child see the curved and straight lines that the letters in their name has.

     Our wish list continues to be: dishwashing liquid, large bottles of hand sanitizer, white business size envelopes.

      You will be getting a call from our room parent to prepare for our first fieldtrip.  We will need Kindergarten parents to drive. Let me know if you prefer taking your own child and do not wish to drive.

Thanks and please contact me anytime at jane.hardee@wmpcs.org,

Jane Hardee