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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tuition?

Washington Montessori Public Charter School (WMPCS) is tuition free.  As a NC Public Charter School there is no charges or tuition to attend.  

Is WMPCS a religious or private school?

No as a Public Charter School.  WMPCS is not affiliated with any religion and is not private.  We accept students from any of the surrounding areas based on spaces we have open.  If there are not any spaces available you are placed on our waiting list.  For more information about our application and lottery process please see:  http://www.wmpcs.org/admissions.html.

What is Montessori?

Montessori is an educational pedagogy and the manner in which we teach our students.  For more information about Maria Montessori and our academic philosophy please visit:  http://www.wmpcs.org/aboutmontessori.html.

Do the school provide transportation?

WMPCS does not provide transportation to or from school.  Parents and guardians are responsible to make sure their child is brought to and from school.

Although the school does not officially have a bus, the Greenville, NC parents have contracted with a bus company for transportation to and from Greenville.  In addition there are numerous carpools from surrounding committees. For more information please contact Gay Holton (252) 946-1977 and she will assist you in getting in touch with carpoolers or the bus company.

Does the school provide lunch?

WMPCS does not offer lunches for our students.  Students bring their lunches and eat either in the classrooms or on their patios.  If a student forgets their lunch the office does keep emergency lunches ready.

Additionally about once every two weeks some of the levels offer hot lunch from area vendors as a  fundraiser. Notices and information about the hot lunch options are sent home with the students and the parents and guardians can choose whether it is something they want to participate with.

What sports does the school offer?

Currently the school offers cross country in the fall and soccer in the spring.  There are plans to have a volleyball team within the next year.  

Do you charge for violin lessons?

Violin is one of the encore choices offered.  There is no charge for the instruction, but students must have a violin to participate.  Violins can be wither rented from the middle school students, which manage the WMPCS violin rental program, or rented or purchased from local music shops.

Do you have a high school?

Yes.  WMPCS has recently opened its 9th grade and will be adding grades yearly until 12 grade is added during the 2017-18 school year.