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Administration Montessori Credentials Education Credentials Title E-mail Address
Darla Prescott CH, LE, UE, SI and SII Lic., HQ Co-head of School/ Directress of Academics and Education darla.prescott@wmpcs.org
Austin Smigel SI and SII MBA, HQ Co-head of School/ Director of Administration and Finance austin.smigel@wmpcs.org
Collier, Carol Administrative Associate carol.collier@wmpcs.org
Holton, Amanda CH MEd, Lic, HQ EC Coordinator amanda.holton@wmpcs.org
Holton, Gay Administrative Associate gay.holton@wmpcs.org
Smigel, Amy UE, SI and SII MA, HQ Secondary Coordinator amy.smigel@wmpcs.org
Woolard, Ali Financial Associate ali.woolard@wmpcs.org
Woolard, Les Facilities Coordinator les.woolard@wmpcs.org

Faculty and Staff

Anderson, Jo Dee CH Guide, CH jodee.anderson@wmpcs.org
Andrews, Austin LE, UE Lic., HQ Guide, UE austin.andrews@wmpcs.org
Ashley, Stacy Guide Assistant, LE stacy.ashley@wmpcs.org
Barmer, Lisa Lic., HQ Guide, EC lisa.barmer@wmpcs.org
Braswell, Carrie CH HQ Guide, CH carrie.braswell@wmpcs.org
Bridgeman, Letitia Guide Assistant, CH letitia.bridgeman@wmpcs.org
Broucher, Titus Guide, Secondary titus.broucher@wmpcs.org
Carico, Kathy Reading Interventionist kathy.carico@wmpcs.org
Credle, Jessica Guide Assistant, UE jessica.credle@wmpcs.org
Dickinson, Maria HQ Guide, UE maria.dickinson@wmpcs.org
Griekspoor, Nicholas Lic., HQ Guide, Secondary II English nicholas.griekspoor@wmpcs.org
Guion, Maleki Guide Assistant maleaki.guion@wmpcs.org
Hall, Ingrid Lic., HQ Guide, HS, History ingrid.hall@wmpcs.org
Hamilton, Miranda LE Lic., HQ Guide, LE miranda.hamilton@wmpcs.org
Hardee, Jane CH Lic., HQ Guide, CH jane.hardee@wmpcs.org
Harrington, Lynn Lic., HQ Guide, Secondary I, Science lynn.harrington@wmpcs.org
Johnson, Donna CH Lic. Guide, CH donna.johnson@wmpcs.org
Kenner, Sonia Guide Assistant, LE sonia.kenner@wmpcs.org
Kriven, Hannah HQ Guide, PE and HS Health
Lewis, Jennifer MS, HQ Guide, HS, Math I & II jennifer.lewis@wmpcs.org
Lewis, Jonathan SI and SII Lic. HQ Guide, Jr. HS, Math jon.lewis@wmpcs.org
Lilley-Corey, Tania Lic. HQ Guide, HS, Spanish, Drama, Creative Writing tania.lilley-corey@wmpcs.org
Lilley, Cortni LE, UE Lic, HQ Guide UE cortni.lilley@wmpcs.org
Masters, Lilani LE HQ Guide, LE lilani.masters@wmpcs.org
Miller, Amber LE HQ Guide UE amber.miller@wmpcsorg
Miller, Bonnie LE Lic., HQ Guide, LE bonnie.miller@wmpcs.org
Murray, Nancy LE Lic., HQ Guide, LE nancy.murray@wmpcs.org
Omonde, Lois UE Lic., HQ Guide, Music lois.omonde@wmpcs.org
Rathbun, Lisa HQ Guide, Jr. HS, Humanities lisa.rathbun@wmpcs.org
Rhodes, Amie LE Guide Assistant, LE amie.rhodes@wmpcs.org
Roher, Jason Guide, Math and Sciences, Secondary jason.rohner@wmpcs.org
Rowlett, Teresea CH Lic., HQ Guide, CH teresea.rowlett@wmpcs.org
Schultz, Ellen Guide Assistant, UE ellen.schultz@wmpcs.org
Smigel, Amy UE, SI and SII MA, HQ Jr. H and HS Coordinator and Post Secondary Counselor amy.smigel@wmpcs.org
Spencer, Abigail Guide, HS, Science abigail.spencer@wmpcs.org
Stell, Rebecca MS Guide, UE rebecca.stell@wmpcs.org
Tubaugh, Hannah Guide Assistant, EC hannah.tubaugh@wmpcs.org
Warren, Michelle Guide, Reading Assistant michele.warren@wmpcs.org
Worsley, Linda Guide Assistant, LE linda.worsley@wmpcs.org

CH= Children’s House (3-6)

LE= Lower Elementary (6-9)

UE= Upper Elementary (9-12)

Jr. H or SI= Secondary I (Middle School, 12-15)

HS or SII= Secondary II (High School, 15-18)

*Training in progress

Lic. = NC State Teaching License

HQ=US DoE Highly Qualified Teacher