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Art is currently offered in the classrooms where children use different mediums (painting, sculpture, drawing) to supplement the projects they are learning in their lessons.

The school also houses a separate classroom that is dedicated for use on larger projects or if additional materials and space are needed outside the classroom.

Physical Education

Physical education  takes form many ways at WMPCS.  Through out the week during PE Encore the children play sports, learn sportsmanship and participate in physical activities.

Additionally, WMPCS has a soccer team in the fall, a cross country club during after school and is planning on adding a volleyball team next year.


Another wonderful addition to the learning at Washington Montessori is the use of the Suzuki method of music.  Dr. Shinichi Suzuki of Japan developed this technique that allows a child to learn music by following the same process that a child employs when learning to speak her mother tongue - simply listening and repeating.  Ms. Michele Rhem directs the WMPCS music program which includes almost 200 violinists.  Lap harp, rhythm sticks and singing are also offered.  Each year our students perform at the annual Holiday Concert and at the spring KidsFest celebration.  Of course, they can also be heard all over the campus any day of the week practicing and playing the new pieces they are learning.