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May 19, 2014

Dear Parents,

We can’t believe we only have a few more weeks until school is out.  Our third graders are going to visit fourth grade and the kindergarteners are going to visit our classrooms this week.  We will continue studying new life!

Thank you to all of you who remembered us during teacher appreciation week.  Our classroom has been filled with beautiful flowers!  Thank you to the families of Jubilee, Seth, and Katelyn for the donation of time and supplies to our classroom.

We need one third grade parent to help us get the third years to the skate ring June 4th for their Third Grade Celebration. You do not have to stay, just drop off.

We need someone to take George (our leopard gecko) for the summer.  He is very sweet!  

Spelling:  List 1:  crow, cry, crop, crab, cram, crib, craft, cross, crust, crisp List: 2 blue, glue, true, flew, issue, blew, dew, cool, fool, virtue List 3:  after, now, no, musical, public, digit, shipping, babies, smiling,

We are really enjoying how normalized our classrooms is and how productive the children are throughout the day!!!  Have a great week.

Christy and Meela

April 28, 2014

Dear parents,

We hope you have had a wonderful, peaceful break with your family!  It was nice to see everyone’s eager faces this morning!  Community circle was filled with funny and interesting stories.  We already had a fire drill!!!

We would like to say again how much we appreciate all of your support.  Kids Fest was an enriching experience for everyone.  Please send in a donation of 2 to 5 dollars, so I we can pay back the parents who bought material for our class.  We plan to use the $25 dollars from PTO, but we spent around $80, so whatever you can donate will be appreciated.

Upcoming Dates:

May 7th Hot lunch money due

May 9th  Muffins for Mom

May 15 BOT meeting

May 21st Hot Lunch

May 26 No School, Memorial Day

May 27-29th EOG testing

Spelling List:

List 1: flag, flip, flat, flaw, flow, clip clap, clog, clam, club   List2: been, meal, beat, leaf, sea, tree, feet, jeep, seed, peel   List 3:  clapping, writing were, where, what, when, which, would, with ,went

Have a great week,

Christy and Meela

April 14, 2014

Dear parents,

Hello! We hope everyone enjoyed Kids Fest!  We loved it!  The children were very proud of themselves!!!  Thanks for guiding them through their projects!  We are/will be studying the measurement of length, the history of writing and Botany.  

Thank you so much to all the wonderful parents who helped make Kids Fest a success!  Thank you to families of Jubie, Camryn, Maggie, James, Eddie King, Luke, Nicholas, Keira, Keegan, Thomas, Tenley, Jackson, Audrey, Katelyn and Helens families, we could not have done it without you.

We are collecting donations to pay the parents back that bought the material for the skirts and vest.  I would appreciate two to five dollars.   Students may keep these after making a donation, or if they want to, they can donate the skirts and vest back to the school so they can be stored for future use.    

Thank you to Kegan’s family for planting flowers in the garden!  Thanks to Katelyn and Luke’s families for sending in classroom supplies.  We need Clorox wipes, if anyone is interested in donating!

Picture Money is due back by May 2nd.


List 1: ant, mint, lent, bent, bunt, hunt, print, sent, want, pant  List 2: mail, snail, paint, chain, waist, brain, baby, shady, able, lazy  List 3:  crawl,wishes, thorn, shouted, spoil, growl, third, camped, tries

Have a great week!  Christy and Meela

March 31, 2014

Dear parents,

Kidsfest is on Friday April 11th.  It will start at 5 o’clock.  The schedule of events will be coming out soon.  We are so excited!!!  Children will need to do a project on Ireland to be presented during the week of April 7th-11th.  Each child picked out a topic and a note went home.  We suggest that second and third years have at least 10 facts and first years 5 facts.  They need to have a visual and these can be as elaborate as they want them to be.  

On that Friday night for our dance:

Boys are to wear khaki shorts, white shirts, green vest (Mrs. King is making these, THANK YOU) and white socks (athletic, or soccer socks).

Girls are to wear green skirts (Diane Stoddard is making these for girls who do not have them, THANK YOU) white shirts, and white knee socks.

We need parents to volunteer to make Soda Bread and work our game/craft that night.  We will provide the recipe and times soon.  Please mark and send in the bottom portion if you are interest in helping with either of these.

Spelling:   List 1:    frog, fry, free, from, fret, frill, fruit, friend, frost, Friday     List 2: flame, brave, plate, white, stripe, guide, probe, smoke, obtuse, salute      List 3:   hope, wait, sled, stick, shine, dream, blade, coach , fright, chewing


 Christy and Meela


______ I would like to make Soda Bread.

______I would like to work the game/craft.

Name __________________________________________

Dear Parents,

Maybe the wintery precipitation will cease after this week.  We are really looking forward to the flowers blooming and butterflies bringing color to our environment.  Spring brings forth beautiful lessons for the children to practice relating learnings to their surroundings.  

As some of you may already know, Mrs. Meela has been giving the opportunity to Co-Teach in the 9-12 building next year.  She will be going to training during the summer and will begin teaching for the 2014-2015 school year in the upper elementary level.   We wish her the best in her endeavors as she will be greatly missed.

Kids Fest will be held on April 11, 2014 as originally planned.  We have had a number of parents who are willing to help make the uniforms for Kids Fest.  Please contact us and let us know what you are willing to do as far as sewing is concerned.  We will also need people to make tradition foods and sigh up for our game/craft that night.  Something will come home soon for this.   Please make sure your child is working on their Kids Fest project.  These will be presented the week of April 7th- 11th.   Saturday, April 12, 2014 is a make-up school day.  Students should wear normal uniforms on that day.

Spelling List:

1st list- truck, trip, try, trap, trod, tribe, trick, track, tree, trot

2nd list- witches, glass, glasses, bushes, brushes, bused, boxes, foxes, wishes, matches

3rd list- Ireland, festivals, fencing, geography, famine, castle, celtic, traditions, rugby, religion

We look forward to a wonderful week.

Thank you,

Christy and Meela

March 10, 2014

Dear parents,

We have been studying weather.  Ask your child about precipitation and the water cycle.  We have also been doing clock and money work.  Please encourage them to study math facts and read.   

This coming Monday we will be going on our field trip to the aquarium.  Please put your child in their red spirit shirt; that way we can spot them easily!  They can bring money for the gift shop, if they desire.  We will be leaving here promptly at 8:00 so if you are chaperoning, please be here by 7:45 and children too.  Thanks! If your child is still using a car seat, (8o pounds or under 8) you must send it with them or they will not be able to go on the field trip. Siblings are not allowed on field trips. Once driving arrangements/seating is made, we are not changing it. We turn these arrangements in to the office and they are final. If your child needs to be dismissed by another parent after the field trip, we need a note or they will not be released.  

We appreciate all of you who have volunteered to drive and chaperone.  We could not do it without you!!!!


March 11th at 9 Java with Jen

March 13th Community Meeting, Middle School Pancake Supper 5:00            

March 17th 6-9 Field Trip, Middle School Soccer Game at Chocowinity


List 1:     ring, sing, rang, fang, band, hung, spring, thing, bring, sung  

List 2:     leaf, leaves, shelf, shelves, knife, knives, calf, calves, thief, thieves

List 3:    celebration, birthday, present, package, costume, parade, invitation, ribbon, weather, precipitation  


I need to hear from our girls.

_____Yes, I have a green skirt.

_____No, I do not have a green skirt.  I need one made.

Thanks for all you do!  Have a great week.

Christy and Meela

March 3, 2014

Dear Parents,

All the children have picked a topic on Ireland that they would like to research.  All second and third years should have at least 10 facts.  First years should have at least 5 facts.  They are certainly welcome to do more.  They need to rewrite the information they find in their own words.   We will give them the chance to research at school and they are welcome to research at home as well.  We would like them to put together some kind of display for their presentation at home.  A book, poster, model, shadow box etc.  Let them be creative.  We will ask for the project to be brought in and presented the week of Kid Fest.  That week is the 7th through 11th of April.  Please hold on to displays until then.

Several children have asked if they can do more than one project.  They are welcome to do that after they complete the first one.

We have wrapped up our body unit and will be moving on to weather and the water cycle.  Please feel free to send in any books on these subjects.  We will continue our studies of Ireland and different types of measurement.  

Thank you to Mrs. Keeter for coming back and dissecting a heart, lungs and liver for the children to see.  Thank you to Mrs. White for always organizing and calling about specials snacks, field trips and red plates.  Thank you to the families of Katelyn, and Keegan for classroom donations.  Also, thanks for all the wonderful treats people send in to us!  We are so blessed to have such supportive parents.

Mrs. King and her mother are going to make vests for the boys this week.  We will let you know the cost later.  We have parents willing to make simple skirts, so I need to know if each girl has already ordered one or will need one made.   Please let us know if your child is not going to be at kid fest if you know.

Field trip slips are due by this Friday.  Please let us know if you can drive others and chaperone!  We need people.


List 1:  mask, risk, disk, dusk, brisk, desk, shirt, task, ask, frisk

List 2: radios, zeros, pianos, banjos, dominoes, volcanoes, tornadoes, wolves, potatoes, tomatoes

List3: statement, suppose, practice, straight, woman, received, envelope, advancement, period, historical

Thank you for the wonderful support!!!!!!  Stay warm!

Christy and Meela

Your child has picked the topic of _________________________ to study about Ireland.

February 24, 2014

Dear Parents,

Hello. We hope everyone enjoyed our beautiful weather and had a great weekend.  The students have a few more independent extensions they can choose, but we are wrapping up our study of the systems of the body.  Thank you to everyone who has helped by presenting or sending in books and information.  A special thanks to Lindsey, (Nick’s mom) who showed the children many x-rays last week.  

We are reading more about Ireland. Some children have already picked a topic to research and present for Kids Fest.  If your child has a special topic they want to explore, please let us know.  We are expecting the students to present these projects to the class the week of Kids Fest.  The second and third years need to have at least 10 facts and first years should have five.  These need to be rewritten in their own words.  They can do whatever they want for a visual; a poster, shadowbox, models with fact book etc.  In the next weeks, I will send home a note, letting you know exactly what your child has chosen.

We are going on a field trip on March 17th to the Pine Knoll Aquarium and Fort Macon State Park.  The children will need to be here by 7:45 that morning.  We will not be back until 4:00. There is a slip attached.  Please fill this out and send it back by Friday March 7th.  We do not take checks.

Spelling Words:

List 1:  growl, gray, great, grin, grip, grab, growl, gross, green, greet

List 2:  pony, ponies, trays, monkeys, donkeys, wolf, body, bodies, lady, ladies

List 3:  president, symbols, trouble, cabinet, experiment, international, refrigerator, engine, information, decimal

Thank you,

Christy and Meela

Spelling 2nd Quarter

Spelling 1st Quarter

February 10, 2014

Dear Parents,

Hello everyone.   The children have been happily working very hard this week.  

They are very excited about the learning of the human body!  A special thanks to Mrs. Keeter, who came in and did a presentation on the cardiovascular system and heart.  Please send a note if your child wants a big piece of white paper to draw their body and the main organs!

Thanks to the families of Audrey, Thomas, Katelyn, Eddie Seamus, Keegan and Camryn for donations to the classroom.  We have such great support.

Don’t forget we are having a special time on Friday for children to pass out Valentines. A list went home last week.

Hot lunch and share are both next week, not this week.


List 1- nest, lost, best, past, dust, west, sting, stop, stay, stew

List 2- blue, blew, bless, blink, black, blade, plate, plan, plot, playful

List 3- suffix, possessives, verb, dictionary, although, possible, natural, question, middle, melody

Thanks you for all you do.  It takes a village!

Christy and Meela

January 27, 2014

Dear parents,

We hope you all enjoyed the snow and extra time with your children last week.  It sounds like we may be in for a few more flakes.  We hope you had a chance to look over the report cards.  Our 6 to 9 group decided to send home the cumulative report that we see.  Remember it is a three year cycle and we follow the child so there may be cultural that has been introduced but not yet practiced.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Conferences are as needed this go round so send in a note or email if you need one.

Please come in and share your talents.  If you have an interesting job or hobby, please let us know!  We would love for you to come in and share/talk with the children.  Also, if you can help with kid fest costumes, please let us know.  Mrs. King has volunteered to help sew.

We will be studying the human anatomy and the different systems.  If you have any interesting books of this subject that are appropriate for our age group please send them in for us to borrow. We will send home a big piece of white paper for you and your child to label with the main organs, if you are interested.  Please send in a note and let us know if you want to do this.

 We would like to welcome Sandy Crisp to our classroom.  She is interning this semester from BCCC and will be working closely with our students.  We look forward to exciting activities/lessons that she brings.  Newsletters will be sent home explaining what she is doing with the students.

We are sending home a class list so your child can address Valentine cards for the class if they wish.  We will allow them to pass these out of Friday February 14th.


List 1-drip, dry, drag, drop, drum, press, print, pride, pray, prod

List 2-skunk, stink, blank, thank, honk, wink, rank, bank chunk, drink

List 3-chemical, pronoun, adverb, preposition, section, consonant, fraction, combining, compound, prefix

Have a very good week and be safe.

Christy and Meela

January 13, 2014

Dear Parents,

We had a great week back to school.  The student got right back into the flow of things.  This week will end our quarter and report card will come home next week.  

We will have a special share this Friday.  We normally only do share on the first and third Fridays of the month but we forgot to remind the students last week.   They may bring in something they got over the holiday; a toy, small electronic, anything.  This is a one-time deal.  We go back to educational, natural, etc. shares after this one.


List 1; this, thin, that, the, these, them, thick, thing, thank, think

List 2; hatch, batch, match, switch, ditch, stitch, latch, patch, scratch, pitch

List 3; alley, turkey, valley, money, monkey, yield, field, chief, fierce, pierce


December 9, 2013

Dear parents,

Hello!  The children did a wonderful job at the holiday concert.

This is our last week to collect for the Heifer Project.  We hope that many of the students will be bringing in the money they have earned.  It would be nice if every student participated.  Several have not yet.

Thank you to the families of Logan, Thomas, Katelyn, Tenley, James and Heri for the donations to our classroom.


List 1: skim, skip, skin, brown, brass, stop, step, stun, stand, stay

List 2: thumb, thought, think, thing, these, them, thick, that math, bath

List 3: spray, stay, sway, snake, flame, lane, shape, sight, vein, veil

Have a great week,

Christy and Meela

December 2, 2013

Dear parents,

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  Our students will be busy preparing for the upcoming holiday concert!  Ask your children to sing you the songs they are learning!  Don’t forget about the Heifer Project!

We are collecting lids and glass jars for an art projects.  Please take stickers off the jars.

Re-Enroll Forms are due TODAY December 2nd.

Spelling Words:

  List 1- brag, bran, bring, glow, glide, bless, blue, black, glad, glum

List 2- chair, chilling, chick, chess, chat, chin, chomp, chocolate, chewing, choose

List 3- statue, virtue, rescue, flew, blew, youth, group, shoe, tool, rude


Hot Lunch, December 3rd and 18th

Holiday Concert, Middle School Light Show, December 6th at 6:30

Half Day, December 20th, No BASC

Holiday Break December 23rd- January 2nd

Teacher Workday, January 3rd

Have a great week,

Christy and Meela

November 25, 2013

Dear parents,

Our food drive for Eagles Wings was a great success.  We donated tons of food and a few of our third years were able to go and work there for a while this morning!!  We have exceeded our goal for The Heifer Project.  We are still encouraging the children to earn money to give.  Many are working hard to earn money but some students have not donated to this project yet.  This is a great opportunity to teach our children to think about others.

Thank you to the families of James and Nick for classroom donations.  We need napkins, spoons and table wipes, if you would like to make a donation.  Thank you to Leigh White for being a great room mom!  Thank you to the families of Thomas, Camryn, and Katelyn for our special snack this week.

We have so much to be thankful for and are so blessed.  We are thankful for your great support!  We hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday break.

Christy and Meela

November 4, 2013

Dear parents,

We are looking forward to conferencing with you about our wonderful students! Please keep in mind these are fifteen minute conferences.  If we feel we need more time we can schedule another one.  

We are going to study leaves this week.  If you have any interesting shaped leaves in your yard, please send them in with their names! Thanks.

We appreciate all your wonderful support!

Christy and Meela

October 21, 2013

Dear parents,

We have had another great week at school.  We wrapped up our studies of aquatic animals with a great underwater art project.  The children are starting to normalize.  They are getting to more and more works during the day.  We will be moving on to amphibians and reptiles in the upcoming weeks. We are still working on timelines, land and water forms, maps, geometry and of course our regular studies such as math, language, reading and writing. Please send in your child’s family member names and ages, if you have not done so yet.

Schedules for the upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences have come out. Please check and see when you are scheduled.  Please make sure you let us know as soon as possible if you will not make it or need to reschedule.  Thank you.

Third year students are getting their practice EOG books today.  Each week they will receive lessons and bring their books home to complete practice.  Please help them get these back by the due date so that they can receive the next lesson.  Thank you for your help.


List 1: sick, duck, kick, rock, peck, sock, pack, lock, luck, neck

List 2: skip, skim, skills, skies, skin, brown, brass, bring, bride, brag

List3: fruit, scout, basket, bottle, needle, relax, wonder, crystal, people, believe

We appreciate all of your wonderful support,



October 14, 2013

Dear Parents,

We have had a wonderful week at school.  Our children are thriving and learning so much.  We have had some great research and discussions on aquatic life.  It was nice to visit the Estuarium and find about what’s right in our backyard.  

Thank you to Amy Alligood, Gwen Huston, Heather Balance, Kelly Woolard, Cynthi King, Leigh White, Howard Stoddard, Susan Ross, Aubrey and Becky Wilford, Paula Weathington, Angie Antrican, Maria Dickinson, and Jamie Midgette for driving and chaperoning for our field trip.  Our parent support enable us go on these field trips!  Thank you also to Luke’s family for a classroom donation.

Please send in the information on your families and their ages so your child can make a time line.  We will start this week.

Up Coming:

10/14 Pizza Inn Night

10/15 Picture money due    10/16 Make up pictures

10/29 6th grade Annual Dinner Theatre  

 End 1st quarter


List 1   rule, rude, note joke, dive, wife, bike, lane, shape, rose

List 2 duck, kick, peck, shack, brick, flock, tack, mock, neck, sack

List 3 elves, leaves, loaves. calves, witches, foxes, bushes glasses, police, cattle


Have a great week,

Christy and Meela

October 7, 2013

Dear Parents,

We are enjoying these beautiful fall mornings.  We have really been focusing on the time line of life.  We are discussing fish and other aquatic animals.  The children are starting to research about these.  We are also learning the history of the days of the week as well as talking about time lines.  Of course we are still doing all our main subjects such as reading, math, spelling, writing, language etc.

We sent home our art t-shirts.  The children really enjoyed doing these.  This is a fun project you can do at home. Ask the children to explain what we did.  You will need shirts, 91 percent alcohol, solo type cups, rubber bands, Q-tips and sharpies.

It is that time of year when children like to wear sweaters and sweatshirts in the classroom.  Please make sure these meet the uniform requirements.  Thank you.

We would like to thank the families of Serena and Thomas for their donations to the classroom. A special thanks to Leigh White for organizing drivers and helping with the field trip.

Have a great week.

Thanks for all that you do,

Christy and Meela

        September 23, 2013

Dear parents,

We hope all is well on the home front.  We are doing great at school.  We have had our second great lesson; The Coming of Life.  We are looking forward to introducing the children to many of the zoology and botany works in the next coming weeks.  We hope our students have been sharing some of their works with you.  We have had some beautiful collages created in art and some wonderful maps made in cultural this week.  We have a very creative bunch!

We sent home a field trip slip on Friday.  We will be going to the Estuarium.  This will go right along with the work will be doing on living things.  We ask that these be returned By Wednesday October 3.  Thank you.  Please volunteer to drive if you can.  You will also have to pay for the field trip.  The ice cream scoops will not be as big as the ones you usually get a Scoops.  We asked them to make them smaller and charge us less.   This is going to be a fun trip!!

Thank you to Eddie’s mom for finding us a new aquarium for our hermit crabs!  Thanks also for classroom donations from Katelyn’s family.  Thanks to the many parent who have come in and helped in the classroom and the apples from Helen’s family.  

Please send in a white t-shirt for your child, if you have not done so yet.  Thanks.

Have a great week!  Thanks for all the support.

Christy and Meela

September 16, 2013

Dear families,

Hi, we hope that all of you have had a great start to the school year and are feeling more settled.  We are moving along wonderfully in the classroom.  We are well into all of the subjects.  Ask your student what they are doing for language, geometry, math, cultural, writing, and reading.  We also did an art lesson on proportion and portraits this week.  There are some good artist in our class.  Ask them about the Mona Lisa.

We are going to have Violin on Mondays at 12:50 from now on.  Sorry about the short notice.  We just got the schedule worked out on Friday.  I told the students, but did not have a chance to get a letter out.

I have had a few people ask me about the spelling list.  First and second years are able to test out of their list and move on to the next list to challenge themselves, if they like.  The list corresponds with the word work the children are reviewing during the week.  

Once again we have had great support.  Thanks for all the art donations.  Now all we need is to make sure everyone has a white t-shirt.  Please send those in as soon as possible. Thanks.

Thanks to the families of James, Logan, Serena, and Jubbilee for all the great donations this week.

Have a great week.

Mrs. Boudreaux

Mrs. Meela

September 9, 2013

Dear Parents,

We have had a wonderful   second week of school. We are getting on a regular schedule.   We have had the First Great lesson and will be bring some of the experiments back into the classroom.  We also have been learning about living organisms.  


-Please remember to send in a white t-shirt for your child to do an art project.

-Please turn in any blue spirit t-shirts to get your new red one.

- Please send in any supplies your child still needs.

Spelling will start next week.  The children will have 10 words each.  They will take a test on Friday.  They are supposed to practice these words during the week.  We have had parents ask for list so they can help study at home so we will include these is letters. We will not have Spelling on short weeks.

We are going to be studying Ireland for Kids Fest this year.  We are very excited and hear that many of you have some Irish in you.  Please let us know if you can share any important information.

Thanks for all the great parent support.  A special thanks to the families of Eddie, Luke, Thomas, Nick and James for classroom donations!


Sept. 12th Community Meeting

Sept. 13 Hot lunch money due

Sept. 18th Hot lunch

Share- Sept. 20th

PE on Tuesdays