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Hello Parents,

We have enjoyed our conferences and our opportunity to talk with all of you.  Thankyou for your cooperation in helping us best meet the needs of your child and facilitate their learning.

I hope you heard a lot about our new November works last week, because the children were busy bees trying them all out.  The Kindergarteners were busy making books.  All the children were polishing wood, spooning candy corn, and much more.  We even carved a pumpkin.  The kids voted that we carve a spider, because we had just finished reading Charlotte’s Web.  

Things to Remember:

-The Barnes and Noble Bookfair is this Friday from 5-8.  Be sure to tell them you are with WMPCS at checkout.

-Permission slips for the Goose Creek trip are due this week.

-If you have not sent in your money for the Fall Festival, please send it in as soon as possible.

-Please send in your snack money by the 15th, if you have not already.

-Every student must have a glockenspiel.

-There is a community Meeting on Thursday night at 6:30.


Heather and JoDee

Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a long and relaxing weekend!  We were very busy on Friday, filling the shelves with new Fall works. Please be sure to ask your children about the new works they will be doing this week and throughout the month.  We have a busy month ahead, and we look forward to seeing you at our conference time and other events.

Things to remember:

-Conferences start today.  Please be sure to let us know if you cannot make your conference time and need to reschedule.

-Next Monday, the 11th is a holiday.  There will be no school.

-Please turn in your Fall Festival money by Friday, November 8th.  The Fall Festival will be on Monday, the 25th.  Parent volunteers are welcome.

-Please support our school at the Barnes and Noble Bookfair, on the 15th, from 5-8pm.

-We have a field trip to Goose Creek on November 19th.

-Please send in clear plastic lids.  


Ms. JoDee and Mrs. Heather

Hello Parents,

We started last week off learning many new works and ended it with a fun trip to the Native American PowWow.  Thankyou to everyone who participated.  

We need to remind everyone that your child needs a glockenspiel for music class.  Please make sure they have one at school, if they do not already.  You can purchase them at PC Sound.

A list of conference times was sent home with the last FYI.  Please let us know if you need to change your conference time.  

Please remember our teacher work day on Friday.  There will be no school for students.

Thank you,

Ms. JoDee and Mrs. Heather

Hello Parents,

Our children have been working hard and getting lots of works done each day.  Please be sure to ask them about the new works they have been practicing.  

We are collecting clear plastic lids(as you would find on coffee cans or pringles).  If you have any, please send them in to school.

Our first field trip is Friday.  We will be going to the Meherrin-Chowanoke Pow-wow at 125 Edgewood Dr. Ahoskie, NC.  We will leave the classroom at 8:20.  Please let us know if you are not traveling with the group.  Be sure to send a car seat for your child, if you are not attending.  You may choose to bring a bag lunch or buy from the vendor there.  Our estimated return time is 3:00.  

Please let us know if you would prefer to send your weekly newsletter via email.

A reminder to all to please park in the parking lot during morning and afternoon carpool if you plan to get out of your car and come into the building even for a brief time.  Parking in front of the building disrupts the  flow of the car line .  Also, please remember that at 2:30 the loading zone for your children is in front of the walkway at the of the Building 1 ramp.   The children will be sitting on the benches waiting for you to pull up to this area.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Have a great week!


Dear Parents,

We are enjoying getting to know your children. Thank you for allowing us the privilege to get to work with them. We learn right along with them.

As we are moving forward, we are adding new lessons in our practical life area. Please know that we are working on table setting, this can easily be reinforced at home. Just ask for their help setting the table. The garden is slowly getting a makeover as well. We have added actual works now that are an extension of the classroom, so the garden is becoming “fun” as it should be. (Not even children love pulling weeds.)

The country we are going to research for Kidsfest is Spain. If you have information you would like to share on the country, please let us know.

 I have a wonderful parent who has volunteered to hang our hooks in the hall. This is really going to help with our morning running smoother. If your child is having problems separating this might help to make morning good byes easier. We will have the children hang their bags on their hook and bring their lunchboxes into the room and place them in their cubbies. Thank you, Mr. Boyd for helping with this.

As a reminder, on Fridays your child may wear their Spirit shirts. If they wear uniform bottoms they do not need to donate to the “Jean Fund”. If your child wears denim, they are asked to bring in a donation of no more than $1.00 to support this outreach program. In the past we have used the money to help members of our school community who have found themselves in need for one reason or another. Some examples are organ transplant, loss of employment, illness, and many other needs of our WMPCS community.

We welcome a new student into our class, Abigail Rushton. She enjoyed her first day of school today and the children were so willing to help her learn the ropes. We have the most willing, ready, and able children around.

Thank you for all you do,

Ms. Rodrigo & Ms. Jo Dee